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These are some of the posts that have been most popular among Telling Knots readers and some of the posts that I like the most.

Dead Woman Walking …what if instead of looking backwards from death to define dying, we count forward from life? I have the image of a wide beam of light slowly becoming tighter and tighter and until it is an exquisitely sharp point of collimated light.

Have I survived yet? Part II “Attitude” is such an abstract concept. I don’t know how to change something that I cannot touch or even adequately define, so I go about it through the side door. I change the way I talk about a situation in order to change the way I think about it, and somewhere in there that thing called “my attitude” changes, too.

Fundamentally Happy Feelings are not the boss of me.

Like a funeral selfie? An Open Letter to Emma G. Keller and the editors of The Guardian The most-read post yet. During the second week of January 2014, a storm erupted on the Internet when a husband and wife team of highly placed journalists launched what many people perceived as an unjust and bullying attack on breast cancer blogger Lisa Bonchek Adams. This post is my response to the wife, Emma G. Keller, who wrote the first article.

The Humiliation of Fatigue A well-meaning neighbor who knew about my cancer had my good at heart when he suggested that I was too inactive and needed to do more in order to get my strength back. So many people do not understand cancer-related fatigue, and their well-intentioned comments can be humiliating.

Breast Cancer Is Not Cute All the pink hype notwithstanding, breast cancer is still a killer. Yes, there is a pretty good rate of remission, but it is a disfiguring disease that brings pain and suffering. For almost one out of three people who get breast cancer, it is a life-long, progressive disease.

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