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Pinktober Guest Post: Aliza Bat-Ami

Pink-to-ber n A portmanteau coinage used by many people who live with breast cancer to refer to October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is heavily dominated by marketing in the color pink and cute tags like “Save the tatas”. (See Komen, etc.) During the month of October 2013, I am running guest...


What should I say?

On June 19th, 2013, I posted the video “Dumb Stuff People Say to People With Metastatic Breast Cancer” from I Hate Breast Cancer on theTelling Knots, the 30% Facebook page. An interesting conversation followed. My friend Saoul from Italy wrote: “…not everybody is able to convey love through their actions or words. I,...


“Who knows how to drive in the snow in Jerusalem?” – Another’s view of February 14 2004

My very dear friend Aliza wrote this response to my Valentine’s Day 2012 post. Not only a dear friend, she’s a great writer and I am delighted that she gave me permission to publish it here. Aliza, I love you. My friend was about to undergo a major operation and...

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