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My Life in Technology

I remember… All telephones being big and black and having dials Televisions housed in beautiful wooden cabinets as a matter of course. They were black and white, of course. The transistor radio section at the department store. Six transistor radios were groovy. Feltboards in school. Slide rules. (Listed under “Obsolete...


It’s not all about cancer – except when it is

Full disclosure. I live with cancer. I hate that I live with cancer. Cancer and I may have reached a delicately balanced modus vivendi, but cancer still scares me. I have mets (metastasis, secondary tumors) in my bones, but the last chemo series greatly reduced them and I am pretty comfortable...


Should I kiss the archbishop? or Good Manners

Jerusalem is a multicultural city, and I have friends and contacts of different languages, religons, ethnicities and cultural traditions. People who live in more homogeneous settings sometimes find it confusing to move among cultures. I was discussing this with a friend recently. Being a person who writes (and talks) to figure out...

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