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Kohl’s, Komen and Metavivor

I am very pleased to reblog Elisabeth Cramer’s excellent post “Drowning in Pink” with her kind permission. Elisabeth does a wonderful job of summarizing the story of how the current Kohl’s-Komen campaign  has co-opted Metavivor’s tag and theme without permission. Please check out Elisabeth’s blog Pugtato: Adventures in Creativity and Teamwork....


Insomnia won’t kill me, but it’s not making me stronger either

Let’s talk about insomnia. For the past several weeks, I’ve been coping (with varying degrees of success) with insomnia. This is not uncommon in cancer patients and seems to be linked to cancer-related fatigue, as well. I hate taking any kind of drug that fuddles my mind, so I avoid...


Like a funeral selfie? An Open Letter to Emma G. Keller and the editors of The Guardian

In reference to Ms Keller’s astonishing piece “Forget funeral selfies. What are the ethics of tweeting a terminal illness?” published online on 8 January 2014. First, my full disclosure: Like Lisa Bonchek Adams, I have Stage IV (advanced, metastatic) breast cancer, although I am perhaps not as close to the...

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