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Kindling the lights of fire

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks physically, and it’s been interesting to observe how closely my physical, emotional, mental (cognitive), and spiritual selves are intertwined. Waddaya know – I  really am one multifaceted being. This will come as news to no one but myself, but I’m a slow learner, and...


Abyss: The depths in me call out to the depths in you.

  … Abyss by Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) Translation by Jerzy Peterkiewicz Abyssus abyssum invocat (*)   You always see it as space filled with cascades of air where glass splinters reflect and glitter like seeds planted in distant stones.   Now observe the abyss that glitters in the eye’s...


Invictus: Survival, Autonomy, Faith

A smarty and funny Twitter friend and blogger recently reminded me of William Ernest Henley’s poem Invictus. Think of it as a Victorian teenage boy’s version of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. At the dawn of his adolescence, Henley was stricken by osseous tuberculosis, eventually having to endure a below-the-knee...


Wishy-washy-ish. Or Middle Age Malaise.

Today I found myself writing, “I am at the -ish phase of my life. Retired-ish. Working-ish.” I could add old-ish, sick-ish, energetic-ish, productive-ish. That’s kind of yuck-ish. All my life, my choices and behavior have been decisive and even radical. I have made stellar mistakes and accepted the consequences. I...

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