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Thumb downFor the last six weeks or so I’ve been having a lot of pain from a lump under my right arm, my “alien baby”. I had a biopsy at the end of last month, and the results were a long time coming. I now have the first result. It’s a malignancy, apparently a new primary. I don’t know anything else at all.

For the sake of doing things expeditiously, I’m going to see an oncologist, probably the one I fired in fact, to get a new set of scans and so on. Then I’ll have more information and I’ll be able to decide what to do in terms of whether or not to treat and if so, with what modalities and to what extent.

I don’t really feel like writing more just now; I’m pretty upset, which I didn’t expect would happen. Stay tuned.

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  1. Deborah says:

    So sorry to hear this foul news. Am praying you get good information and wise advice, so that you can make the decisions which are best for you.

  2. Gaby Huerta says:

    Oh sister, I have no words for this. All I can offer is my love, prayers and good vibes so you’ll scream, yell and kick to your heart’s content, but also for God to give you a clear mind as only you can make the best decisions for what is best for you.
    Love you 🙂

  3. Gail Speers says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. I think I will be the same when I experience a major change. I have a false sense of complacency after my 11 years and 11 months of living with this f’ing cancer. Take some time to get your breath back. Then take control of what you can..Best wishes, Gail

  4. Tracy says:

    Dear Claire, this is not the kind of news you needed and not what any of us wanted for you. I send you love and strength to deal with this alien with full on steely resolve. xoxo

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