Wednesday Video: Peace in the Middle East

This video is unabashedly political. It takes sides. From where I sit on the ground, it presents an accurate picture of the history and current state of affairs in Israel and Palestine. (“Where I sit” is precisely on the “Green Line“.)

This video will make some people, including some people I love, angry. I am sorry, deeply sorry. At the same time, I cannot live the life I have left without testifying to truth.

The video is from the Facebook page Israel Loves Palestine. There is also a page called Palestine Loves IsraelPeace is important. Peace does not come easily. Often, peace can only be attained through pain and sacrifice. 

Have you done anything for peace today?

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4 Responses

  1. Maxine D says:

    Simply put – we have differing viewpoints, but I respect your right to hold your perspective. I am ‘for peace’, don’t get me wrong, especially peace in your homeland, my differing view is more in the interpretation of history.
    Blessings and Prayers

  2. Aliza says:

    Dear Knot-Telling,
    I might have let your last post go without more comment than that we should agree to (continue) to disagree, but you as you pointed out a couple of weeks ago, your blog is international.
    ”What have you done for peace today?” you ask. Well to this end I feel that I must respond to your post last Wednesday.
    You have exercised your right to free speech in this democracy of ours in Israel by posting your view in a video that in your opinion “presents an accurate picture of the history and current state of affairs in Israel and Palestine.” You also said that:” I cannot live the life I have left without testifying to truth… from where I sit.”
    That is your choice and prerogative, and if you are fit enough you can go on Tuesday 22nd January to cast your vote in free and open elections for the party of your choice.
    Please allow me to comment on this tendentious and mendacious video, that gives a simplistic version of the complex history of the situation in Israel today. It is well made and presented in an attractive manner with a voice over of moderation. However it totally omits great parts of the story and selectively presents events.
    I will not go into all the points that I found untrue or inaccurate – basically I could agree with the text up to the point that it was stated that Jews fled Europe after “harsh persecution” and that they were encourage by “the Zionists” to came the Land “where the Jews had an age-old connection”. However this land was not “historic Palestine” but rather the Land of Israel, a land in which Jews had been the majority and not just existing as small groups among “indigenous people.”
    The first point at which peace could have been made was in the first Partition plan – the option could have been to accept it and grow together. There was no possibility that the Jews would be going anywhere else – they had gone “back to where they came from” and the option on the table and consistently rejected by all the Arab states and groups was to accept the return of those who did have and “age-old connection” with the same Land.
    But peace was rejected and again and again and Israel was repeatedly attacked by Arab nations.
    Twice Israel vacated large tracks of land that had been acquired as a result of these conflicts. The more recent evacuation resulted not in peace but an increase in attacks on Israeli civilians. The video makes absolutely no reference to the use of over 8,500 rockets sent indiscriminately into Israel since 2001. Israel did not “punish resistance” by various means, nor did she “bomb a captive population in Gaza.” she but sought to minimize or eliminate the threat of rockets for over a million civilians in South Israel, and now that there are long-rage rockets, for many more.
    The video also makes no mention of the equality afforded to Israeli Arab, nor the fact that prominent and outspoken Arab critics of Israel like Ahmed Tibi and Haneen Zoabi sit in the Knesset.

    So the way to achieving “a peaceful and secure future for both people” is a BDS campaign?
    The world should really pay all the Arab leaders the courtesy of listening to what they say (in Arabic) and believing them and taking them at their word. What is meant in effect is the dismantling of the State of Israel and the dispersion (or elimination) of the Jewish population. Which Arab group wishes for less?
    Dear Knot-Telling, you have written that “but it’s no secret that I am a devoutly believing Christian”.
    The Bible has a lot to say about the connection of the Jews to the Land of Israel. It also has a lot to say about justice and care for the foreigner and it is also no secret that there is much injustice in Israeli society today. As an Israeli Jew who also follows God, I find this very distressing and sad. However the latter does not cancel out the former. The best strategy for those of us who do look to God is constant intercession on behalf of ALL the people in this Land.

  3. Knot Telling says:

    I’d like to thank you both, Maxine and Aliza, for expressing your points of you. Aliza, particular thanks for taking the time and trouble to write a detailed response. I really appreciate it.

    I am very happy that Telling Knots can be a venue for open and respectful exchange of differing views. We can’t expect dialogue between nations unless we foster it between persons. Thank you both again.

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