“Life and Death Matters” by Dr. Snit

One of the tastiest pleasures of writing a blog is getting feedback from someone who was moved by what I wrote. I am especially pleased, therefore, to reblog Dr. Snit’s poem that first appeared in her blog Living with Lupus – But Dying of Everything Else. Dr. Snit is a highly intelligent, deeply caring, very funny lady, as well as a moving poet. I am grateful that she allowed me to reblog this poem.

Life and Death Matters by Dr. Snit

He records life without his life partner using photographs and stories.

81 weeks since you’ve been gone.

They record life with their new born.

Day 21.

Today is, “give me that remote and shit happens.”

A 55 year old new father blogs to his new son recording the blessings of new life.

A woman with metastatic cancer records her ten year journey living a not chronic, not terminal illness she will die from someday.

He begins his entries, “Today you discovered…”

She beings hers, “People keep dying.”

She writes:

“When I was first diagnosed, I sometimes wondered ‘why me? Why did I get
sick?” Over a decade later, I sometimes wonder, ‘why me? Why am I still

Life. Love. Birth. Death. Loss. Connection. Sharing. In the
end each person makes a connection.
Each person matters. They matter to me.
People keep dying.
And they keep being born.
Life changes. It changes us.
It matters.
We matter.
You matter.

7 Responses

  1. Paula Sanders says:

    I really like this Knot. It all matters. And we all are fighting our own battles. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Maxine D says:

    I recognise some of one of your posts there Knots 🙂 beautifully woven into the whole.
    Prayers and blessings

  3. I love Dr. Snit’s poem. so many lives, so many different lives, and their people’s stories – it seems simple to say, but that’s the beauty of her poem. there can be magnificent profoundness in simplicity.

    the snippet: “81 weeks since you’ve been gone”, made me cry.

    I’m off to read Dr. Snit’s blog.

    love, Karen xoxo

  1. 5 April, 2014

    […] I’d like to end this week, with the closing lines of a poem by Dr Snit, shared (and partly inspired) by Knot Telling. […]

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